Thursday, September 1, 2011

Joining The Ranks!

Okay...that's it my Sarkie friends... I have officially joined the ranks of the Prednisone People! Today I finally had the appointment that I had waited such a long time for ... one with the pulmonary specialist who deals with Sarcoidosis of the lungs and the lymph nodes. I of course keep very good notes of my symptoms which I have learned is a good idea or else you tend to forget what to mention while you are actually in the doctor's presence. I gave him my list and he of course was concerned but mentioned that the shortness of breath, chest pain, coughing were all typical of Sarcoidosis but all of the other symptoms...well... not sure if they were all Sarc related... and was my primary care doc aware?? Of course... that's why I went to the oncologist in the first place because my primary thought I may possibly have Lymphoma... but the oncologist wanted to label all of my symptoms as Sarcoidosis and now the Sarcodosis specialist is concerned that there is more going on than only Sarcoidosis!! I completely give up!! So .. we decided to go ahead and treat me with Prednisone as so many other Sarc doctors do with their patients and we will just have to see how my body responds to the treatment. So ...I guess I will hang on for the ride! If this does not work or I develop weird symptoms then we will have to try something else like methotrexate. So I have officially joined the ranks of frustration with all of my other Sarc friends who have been through this already and have warned me  and for those who like me are just now going through this and finding out for yourself that the medical profession really knows diddly squat when it comes to this disease!