Saturday, April 23, 2011

Fibro Forecast

I have been falsely accused! I have to admit I do watch the weather channel quite a bit...but NOT all the time! ....Sometimes my body does a more accurate job of forecasting the weather anyway! You know what I mean if you have the achy joints and muscle cramps that are all affected by damp weather. My body starts to aching whenever those rain clouds start gathering in the sky, and I can predict pretty accurately when we are going to get snow, according to how severely my knees are hurting! Today must be going to be a pretty rainy damp day here in the North land since when my weird body woke early this morning at 4 a.m. I felt the rain coming on! The bones in my hands are hurting, the knees of course, the morning headache, the neck pain, the foot cramps...the whole nine yards. Wow...I thought Spring was supposed to have sprung by now! I am determined to not let this body dictate how I feel on the is hard to do and I know because I have to do it. It is easy for people to tell you not to be depressed and gloomy when they feel all chipper and don't have a problem in the world. But, taken from someone who has been through the same things or maybe even some worse things...well, then you can stop for a sec and listen. So on this day that has a Fibro Forecast of all sorts of aches and pains at least here in my neck of the woods, I once again, choose to think on things that will take my mind off of myself and my problems. It is Easter and my mind goes to the Cross of Calvary. Not just a Bible story to me. A real place where a real man gave up His life in the place of mine....way before I even existed...because He loved me and didn't want me to have to pay the price for my own sin! Wow.. the agony he endured kind of makes my pain look pretty petty. Though there are so many who still think it is a myth...Christ actually did rise from His grave and had victory over death which should give us something to be thankful  for! He truly was the son of God and had the power and authority to take away the shame and guilt of my sins..all of them..thank God He didn't pick out certain sins and say that only they could be forgiven but this one or that one was just too rotten or dirty! God doesn't do like people!! Grace, Mercy, Love and Compassion....that is the forecast for today, in spite of how I feel.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Fibro Friendliness

A little friendliness goes a long way to help someone who is not feeling well. We all like to be comforted when we are down and don't feel well. When you are having a good day or maybe even when you aren't....try cheering someone else up and some of your own pain doesn't seem so bad. Sometimes I find I have to take my eyes off of my pain and put them on what another person is going through. If you look around you hard enough, there is always someone, somewhere, worse off than you. Try a  little kindness today...and as you scatter some kindness it will in turn actually help you feel better.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fibro Feet

If you are like me then sometimes your feet are achy and tired and have muscle cramps. That is when I feel like~ this poor slow turtle...but eventually, I get moving and get done the essential things.  Some of the other things, just have to wait ... I guess they just weren't all that essential in the first place.  Learn to take it one day at a time and do what you can . When your feet ache too much, soak them or put them up and rest. Nothing super profound here, I know...but sometimes it's the simple solutions we overlook...speaking to "Self" once again! Oh, and if you have balance issues and tend to trip over everything in front of you, then stop being so stinkin' proud..and use the cane that you have in your car! If you trip over the curb getting out of your car and your cane is in your backseat, well....I guess it is your own fault...huh? Have a great day..hope your happy little "Fibro Feet" serve you well, even if they hurt and are mine!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fibro Fears

I think everyone with any kind of a chronic illness has some kind of fears. I was thinking about this and realized that I too have fears associated with this Fibromyalgia. There are so many different symptoms that affect my body. There are the migraines, the muscles cramps, the irritable bowel syndrome, the numbness in my feet and hands, the achiness all over, the pins and needles poking me here and there, the fatigue that hits me like a mack truck,the jaw pain,the carpal tunnel, the disc problems, the balance problems, and now most recently my lungs have a problem! I recently had two lung function tests and did not do well on either of them. I now need to see a pulmonary specialist to have him evaluate me and see what is going on. Naturally, I have concerns. Sometimes I am concerned that the day will come and I won't be able to drive anymore...that I would absolutely hate! Then, of course with my hands going numb quite a bit I am concerned about their use. I do as much writing as I possibly can while I can....I have so much I want to write about! So much has been left unsaid! Then, I guess sometimes I fear that there will be no one to care, or be there for me when I really am not able to care for myself. I hope and pray I am  never in that situation, but know there are some of my friends who are! I keep reminding myself that God has always taken care of me one way or another and He knows what is ahead. This is a disease the medical profession knows very little about....therefore I have some fears concerning the diagnosis itself! Since so little is known it is possible for them to not be able to help me the way I need it.  This is such a mystery illness! That is why there is such a need for research and public awareness! When you tell someone you have Fibromyalgia they pretty much look at you and say..".Oh, that's not so bad... is that all?"  Do you even have a clue? Please ... at least look it up and educate yourself and realize that it is a disease, and if someone you love has it be supportive. Do not expect them to feel better in two days as if they only have a "bug". Their illness is not going away! You may not think they are sick because when you see them they look fine to you, but believe me...when I tell you that when you live with this everyday, you learn how to fake feeling good to your friends when you do finally get the energy to get dressed and get out of the house!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fibro Fingers

Every day is a new experience when you have a disease like Fibromyalgia or Lupus or any other Chronic illness. You never know what is going to be causing trouble for you  on any given day but you can pretty much count on something rearing its ugly head! I had carpal tunnel surgery back in January and for some reason...probably just because I have Fibro, it has taken forever to heal. I have what I call Fibro Fingers! Tingly, sometimes numb and almost all of the time clumsy....oh well I can still type..although it makes my hands and wrists ache. I figured out I could use voice command on my computer when I really get desperate but for now I will continue to type through the pain. I found out earlier this year by having a nerve conduction and EMG done that I have Ulnar nerve damage in both arms also so that contributes to the fingers going numb at times. I never had any idea that all of these problems were all linked in somehow to Fibromyalgia, but as I peruse over other Fibro friends' info I find my problems are pretty common. What I am also finding out is the more things that keep popping up wrong with me the more ways I keep finding to compensate somehow.....and I guess that is an important key in fighting this fight! Find new or different ways to do what you are used to doing...but don't give up on living...what is that old saying?...                                                               "Where there's a will there's a way."

Monday, April 18, 2011

Fibro Faces

Have a good day in spite of your fibro feelings Fibro you all...

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Fibro Fighter

I don't take this as an insult. You see, I could always fight! I have always been feisty and stubborn and in the right circumstances that can be a good character trait! I had lots of practise fighting with my sister but I especially remember a time when I was in 5th grade and had to ride the school bus. There was this boy on the bus that didn't like me and was always saying rude comments to me. One day I decided I was not going to take it anymore! I had it all planned out. I waited until it was time for his stop and for him to walk past me to get off the bus at his house. I got up out of my seat and punched him as hard as I could right in the nose! The blood started pouring out of his nose...and the surprise on his face was something I will never forget! The bus driver didn't understand my actions for he hadn't heard or seen all of the insults and rudeness that I had endured day after day from this boy, so I had to sit up front from then on out. That boy never messed with me again! I approach this Fibromyalgia the same way you see. It is a rudeness in my life that bugs me day in and day out....but I have to let it know who is boss and let it know it is not going to get the best of ME! Fight like a girl! Feisty...Don't take it! You don't have to let it put you down and run you over! You have Fibromyalgia but It does not have YOU!