Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fibro Fifties

I thought I had aches and pains in my 30's and 40's....HA! I had no idea that the fifties would roll in like a tidal wave of  problems. One body part after the next is falling apart! It seems I just get one medical problem fixed and straightened out and then the doc tells me there is something else they found that is even more troubling than all of the rest! I am about ready to throw it all to the wind! I wish I could... however I don't even have the energy to get up and do that I am sure! One of the technicians at the hospital the other day looked about as tired as I was feeling and he said that he had just turned fifty-two and his body felt crappy! I thought Richard Simmons said something like fifty was the new thirty or something like that??? or at least someone said that.... sorry Richard Simmons if It wasn't you! Anyway...enough of my rambling on like a bumbling idiot! Today I get to go and sit down with a Thoracic surgeon to discuss the lung nodules they discovered on my lovely PET scan. This lung nodule may be sarcoidosis like a couple of the lymph nodes that glowed on the Pet scan also or it may be cancer...but no one knows for has come time for the knife of a skilled surgeon to slice into my ribs and take a chunk of my lung. I wonder what other body part is next? I have already had quite a few surgeries ....don't have a lot left to take out! Oh all have a wonderful day and enjoy the heat. I for one am so glad the sun is actually shining for more than two days in a row and it is actually warm enough that I am not shivering.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Fibro Fantasy!

I saw this and had to laugh! If only it were true...right? For those with Fibromyalgia it is difficult to find a medication that actually works! I am on a combination but nothing really really helps tremendously to the point where I would look like this lady in this picture! My idea of doing the housework these days is looking at it from across the room and wishing I had a maid! The fatigue level is just that great and unless you have this you would not understand. It goes far deeper than just feeling a bit tired. I have pretty much resigned myself to the fact that it is a fantasy to believe that there is anything out there that can actually take away the pain of Fibromyalgia, besides the chronic fatigue that comes with it. But that's OK if you want to fool yourself and try every crazy remedy that is on the market that people are making tons of money on!  As for me.... I will do the best I can each day on what I do take and endure what pain my meds don't help. It does help to try and get my mind focused on something else...for me, that "something else" happens to be writing, so whenever I get busy on my writing projects, I do tend to forget about my pain, at least for awhile.