Saturday, April 30, 2011

Fibro Favorites

When I am really bored, I surf the Internet for new pictures relating to Fibromyalgia. I have found some pretty interesting ones and some are quite amusing. I am not really sure where I found these two but fighting fibro is indeed at times like fighting an octopus!! I have no idea what the words say...hopefully nothing offensive..sorry if it is.. I am innocent!! The other photo with way too many people trying to ride a motorcycle is hilarious as well, and is also a good analogy of what our lives feel like at times while dealing with so many different symptoms all at once.

This one is how I feel on days when the pain is high....just leave me alone ...don't even talk to know what I mean! I usually have to pray my way through and make it some how every time ....well I was up early once again...aches and pains as usual but hopefully the day won't get to "Tigeress" level today!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Fibro Fever?

Fibromyalgia is plain old tiring! Then you add in a FEVER.....yikes...exhaustion, pain...need  SLEEP....!!

Yesterday was one of those kind of days for me. I pretty much stayed right where I started. Hopefully today will be a better day because I really do need to get out and get some things done! I know a lot of you with Fibro have other overlapping conditions as well and that is what my doctors are finding out with me. It only complicates things a whole lot!!! You never know what is causing the problems or exactly what to do about it. So one day at a time we go....I see now that it is NOT snowing here today..."Thank You Lord!" and the sun is actually shining! So hoping for a better day than yesterday and to each of my friends as well!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fibro Flurries!

poor confused bear! Pic by LClark
I awoke this morning to aches and pains and figured the weather must be doing something crazy! Even before the sun came up and I could get a good look out my window to check it out, my body knew the horrible is snowing on this twenty-eighth day of April here in Wisconsin! I think my body needs to live in a warmer climate...maybe someplace where it is a constant 70 degrees and sunny? Anybody know of such a place? One of my friends posted this picture of this poor little confused bear. He thought it was time to come out of his hiding place but wasn't expecting so much snow! I remind myself this morning that God is in control of the weather and I shouldn't complain...I asked Him this morning if He was maybe playing a joke on us? I think today will be an inside kind of a day. I don't feel like moving from the couch at all. Everything aches. I know I am not alone...I know you are out there reading this and feeling the same way too! I will try to be productive in my pain! That is my latest goal to myself! Fibro Flurries bring out the productivity! Usually when I do have to just sit and rest, my mind is going a mile a minute, and I find myself being very creative. Maybe another chapter of my book will get written today. Who knows? I hope you all have a great day and prayers go out to all who are involved with even worse weather...the tornadoes of the south!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fibro Facets

Hey! I still have not run out of words that begin with "F" yet! I just thought this morning about the fact that Fibromyalgia has so many different "Facets" or aspects to it. I have had this for a long time and have had vitamin deficiencies for a long time as well. When your body is deprived of the proper nutrients for a long period of time then you are susceptible to other disease processes and problems! I found out about a year ago that I was severely deficient in both vitamin B-6 and vitamin D and apparently had been for quite awhile. It has taken a whole year for my levels to finally get back to a somewhat "normal" level. Fortunately for me, I have had some really good doctors working together with me. If you have not been tested for vitamin deficiencies and have Fibromyalgia, it is something I think you should mention to your doctor. Both of these deficiencies cause symptoms! Anyway, that is just one of the facets of Fibro that I was thinking least for today. Hope you all have a nice spring like day...I am sitting here watching snowflakes drifting past my window once again but with the sun trying to peek through the gray sky...strange weather!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fibro Flowers

W. Sussex. Angela Andrews
What a beautiful find in the middle of the woods!! A fellow fibro friend who took this picture let me use it and for that I am thankful,...Angela. I look at this, and can imagine how it must smell. It looks so refreshing to me. We haven't seen this yet here in the Northwoods of Wisconsin! As a matter of fact, we can't seem to get two days in a row of sunny weather yet. Yesterday was such a gorgeous sunny day with the temp up to near 70 and now this morning it is gray and cloudy, the wind is blowing and it looks like it will be a rainy day. Purple flowers are a symbol for us fibro fighters. It is a symbol of hope and courage and strength.  I picture myself standing in the midst of these purple flowers with my hands in the air, and my nose taking in the fragrance......ahhhhh.....a renewing of spirit takes place! No doctor can do that for medicine....only the simple things that God gives us to enjoy each day! Let us not take them for granted. Take them in...notice them...enjoy them!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Fibro Fumbles

Yep...I still thought of another "F" word this morning for you faithful followers ...I am just about running out though, so may have to resort to another letter pretty soon! There are so many ways I have Fibro Fumbles....What exactly is a "fumble" you may ask? In my is when you trip....for no apparent reason! It is when you drop something ....for no apparent reason! It is when you fall into the wall or fall into another person you are walking past...that is embarrassing! Oh yeah...almost forgot about the mouth kind of fumbles that can be ever so embarrassing!! The words won't come out right or the wrong words come out.....oops!!...  Didn't quite mean for it to sound like that...but it is usually too late to retract the words and your listeners not only are shocked but do not understand it is all a part of your problem!! Strangers really don't have a clue what is going on with you...I say right now to all my closest friends and family members....beware....I am trying to be careful with what comes out of this fumbling mouth but sometimes it just comes out too fast and the words are mixed up...and the funny thing is like two seconds later I already have thought of a much better way that I could have "said" such a thing! Be careful today with your  "Fibro Fumbling"!! Try not to drop anything and break it.....try not to trip over your own two feet and break a bone or something....and try not to get your foot in your mouth .....have a great day!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Fibro Flutters

May a soft butterfly flutter around you today with hope, love,  joy, peace....and remind you to never give up! The sun is shining on this Easter morning here and with the sun bringing hope of some warm days in the near future! I can hardly wait to sit outside and soak up the warmth and watch those butterflies fluttering around my yard. Have a great Easter all of my Fibro Friends...may you feel the warmth of God's love, and have joy and peace that He gives and the strength to make it one more day!