Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ongoing Sarc Saga

It's an ongoing Sarc Saga! I apologize for not keeping up on my writing lately, but my meds have really been kicking my rear! My lungs seem to be breathing a bit easier, but of course I feel like garbage in spite of that, due to the other issues I guess with my liver, pancreas, lymph nodes, and not to mention aches and pains of the ongoing day to day problems with the Fibromyalgia. I am struggling this past week with my emotions being all over the place and find it very hard to be around anyone. People don't understand if you are emotional of course. They automatically just think you are depressed or crazy or whatever they want to think, I guess; but the fact of the matter is, that prednisone really does mess with your emotions, and as you taper it down you experience some withdrawal symptoms. It seems to be improving as it gets lower, thankfully, and I will be glad to be down to the lowest possible dosage for maintenance. I really would like to not take any meds at all but at this point that seems a bit impractical. The only down side of tapering off the prednisone is that the joint and muscle pain returns with a vengeance. One more day, one more week, but I am still here and for that I am thankful and I will continue to do what I can, where I can, when I can.