Monday, November 7, 2011

Is It REALLY That Bad?

I have been quite amused as I have watched people's reactions whenever I have told them I have Sarcoidosis. Most people have never even heard of this dreadful disease and the minority that have are still pretty ignorant concerning the facts. The fact of the matter is.... if you are like me and actually have this, then you know that you feel lousy ninety percent of your time! Yes, I get up get dressed and try to smile and get out of the house and try to function normally but for the most part it is a major struggle! There are more days than not that I would just like to stay in bed but fear if I do I would never get out. Most of us with this autoimmune disease have other health issues as well. For me it isn't simple.... I am struggling with Fibromyalgia, Migraines, Lymph node and Lung Sarcoidosis, Osteoporosis, Degenerative Discs in my neck, and on and on the list is growing! I am now taking seven prescriptions for all of these different problems. The last few weeks my liver and pancreas enzymes have been a bit elevated so probably due to my meds but who really knows? I say all of this to say that yes... Sarcoidosis needs to be added to Social Security's list of disabling diseases! If you could not go to work with the flu every day then don't expect us with this disease to either! Pretty much this disease along with the side effects of all of the meds and the Fibromyalgia thrown in there with it makes you feel that way. Some days are easier to fake than others and people look at us as if we are fine,but overall, Sarcoidosis and Fibromyalgia together are NOT a welcomed combination.