Friday, June 3, 2011

Fibro Fretting

Here I am back again with another phone call from my doctor. I always hate getting those! They never seem to bring me good news these days. Now it seems my kidney function tests have shown that I have renal insufficiency! How nice. Well at least I now know that the pain in my back is really not in my head...ha ha! No wonder my legs and ankles are swollen! Drink more water...hmmm been doing that already. Oh well. I wonder what body function is going to poop out on me next and which specialist is going to be the one to point it out! I go to yet another specialist on Monday who has many more tests scheduled for me. I sure hope they are worth my time and the gas it takes to get there! Answers would be nice at this point. So far all I know for sure is that I definitely have Fibromyalgia, lung nodules,fifteen enlarged lymph nodes,possible Sarcoidosis, and Renal Insufficiency......hmmm. Just doing some "Fibro Fretting" here....some of you have worse than I should not even whine! Just  praying for my group of doctors to get it together and have the wisdom to figure this thing out before I croak! After all, I would like to have the privilege of knowing what disease I have been suffering from...why should everyone else get to know that after I am gone?? You would think with all of the medical technology and advances they would be able to get to the bottom of this a little quicker....oh well...sorry for fretting...maybe sometimes you feel like fretting too....maybe all of us with chronic illnesses do it once in forgive me today.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fibro Fakers

Fibro Fakers....yeah there are plenty of and I have both met them, but the truth of the matter is....Fibromyalgia is very REAL!! Look at this chart ....if you experience most of these symptoms then you can probably say that you have Fibro however I have come across a few people who when I mentioned Fibromyalgia... they quickly say...."oh yeah... I have that too. " But then when you start to compare notes they really don't fit the classic symptoms, so you have to wonder....are they for real, or just a Fibro Fake? I think that some people just say they have Fibromyalgia without getting a doctor's diagnosis. I know it is difficult to find such a doctor took me several years to finally get the right combination of doctors, but it is important. Anyway if you just think you may have Fibro ....check your symptoms with this chart and go see a doctor who knows about Fibromyalgia. My neurologist was the best informed on this, so I recommend you see one. Make sure you have other medical tests done as well because fibro symptoms can be very similar to other disease symptoms that can  go overlooked if you just get a diagnosis of fibro right away.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fibro Feuds

Pick your battles wisely...heard this before? Well if you have Fibro then you know that your energy level is low like mine. You definitely do not have the energy required to be fighting battles that don't matter. I am learning this slowly but it is important! Why waste what energy you do have on things that really don't matter? Let other people fight those battles....use your energy for things that make you better not bitter. People with Fibromyalgia for some unknown reason tend to be very sensitive and emotional... I know for a fact this has always been true of me. I do get my feelings hurt easily and get in a tizzy over things that maybe someone else would just shrug off as trivial. I am on purpose making myself ignore things that would usually make me upset and on the defensive....because when it comes down to it.... I just am too tired to argue with you! I would rather spend my day thinking on good positive things that make me smile. So I guess if you have irritating people in your "Fibro life" .....maybe you need to just try and block  out their negative energy. I remember each day that "the joy of the Lord is my strength." So let the mess flow past you and enjoy your don't have the energy to waste on people who bring you down!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fibro Feet!

Ouch!! The last few days have been a bit on the painful side in regards to my FEET. I don't usually have too much pain in my feet and ankles but for some reason the past week or so my feet, ankles, legs have been so swollen and achy. I have been thinking it might be from my kidneys and even mentioned it to one of my many doctors one day but it was dismissed of course ,as just another of my many complaints. On Friday I went to another Dr. and I decided to not even mention it, and wouldn't you know it? This Dr. actually noticed that my feet and ankles were swollen; so ordered blood tests to check my kidneys! Impressive...Very Impressive! here I am this morning trying to keep my ankles elevated and regretting that I will have to wear those tight nasty support stockings on this humid day, in order to keep the fluid retention down! OK...sorry for complaining at you all... You all probably feel a lot worse than I do so, I apologize. I am supposed to be cheering you up! Just being honest here....after all it is MY blog and on MY blog I get to say what I want.....right? I have that privilege! I figure if people don't like what I have to say .....well then....they can just choose to not read it right? But you know what they do? They keep reading it to see if you are gonna say something else that is gonna make them mad! Funny! Anyway.... I hope your feet feel better than mine today.... and maybe you have "Happy Feet" instead of Fibro Feet.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Fibro flutters

Difficulties help us grow stronger they say.... well I should be pretty strong by now...