Thursday, May 12, 2011

Fibro Fighters Unite!

This is the day...Fibro Fighters from all over the world will be wearing purple today and will be attending various activities in support of Fibromyalgia Awareness Day. May 12th was chosen as the day since it is the birthday of Florence Nightengale...famous for her nursing and changing sanitation for hospitals. She suffered from a chronic "mystery" illness that many people believe was Fibromyalgia and ME; regardless of what it was chronic and she was a fighter! 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fibro Funk

It has taken me all morning to get it I guess you would say I am in a Fibro Funk! Maybe you are too? I have been fighting a cold on top of it all this week, so in general feel pretty lousy. I would normally be getting up and out of the house by now to go join my friends for lunch and then our weekly Bible study....but today for the first time in a very long is just not happening! Sorry guys! I will miss ya. Hopefully you will miss me too. Someone else will have to eat my chips! I am in a Fibro Funk....ya know what that is?? When you are too sick to head hurts...chest hurts...coughing...snotting. ...aching..... UGH!!!... Fibro Funk!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Fibro Fact

*Eliminating As Much Stress As Possible Helps Relieve Symptoms*

I will have to say...this is the absolute truth! I have definitely had a ton of stress factors involved in my life which have contributed to my health issues for sure. Some of our stress we can actually help to reduce if we work at it. It isn't always easy to eliminate it all, but even getting rid of a little bit of it helps! Sometimes it means not being around people who constantly bug us or irritate the daylights out of us. We all have know what I mean! Sometimes, it is as simple as organizing some things around the house so there is not quite so much clutter to deal with. Then there are a few other simple things we can all do, like go to bed at the same time every night... get up at the same time every day... take a nap at the same time each day... find time to do at least one thing every day that you thoroughly enjoy...listen to your favorite music... and most of all quit worrying!! I have learned I cannot control everything!! Big newsflash right? I am the queen of control freaks! I have had to learn to just sit back a bit and relax and not get so bent out of shape when things don't go MY way. I have and still am learning, the importance of prayer in my life. I pretty much have to pray my way through the day... and maybe this is where God wants me....totally depending upon Him; for without Him ....I am a mess...and that is when I begin to Stress!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Fibro Fur

I really should not have animals! I have always had allergies and you probably do too if you have fibro; it seems to be another common thread amongst us. I do love animals however and just can't seem to get away from them. I prefer dogs over cats and do have a very sweet English Cocker Spaniel but also have three cats! One was rescued by my daughter who loves animals, and the other two by my husband who found the two kittens together helplessly begging him to take them home from a creek where he was fishing! So, now every time I need to lay down for awhile and rest...well, it never seems to fail, at least one of them will come and get right on my stomach and lay there! The fur does get to me and bother me but I have learned to put my allergy medicine to work and it is not so bad. They do give a lot of comfort and always seem to know when I feel lousy. Such compassionate balls of fur! I guess I will continue to put up with them.