Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fibro Flub- up

I am beginning to wonder if doctors all get together and decide on a disease of the month....? I am running into way too many people who say they have Fibromyalgia yet don't even know what it is or what the symptoms are. Hmm. Some may be for real but I am starting to think that some of these people had a Dr that just labeled them with fibro to get them to quit trying for answers to their medical mysteries. I for one, have many medical problems, not just one simple answer. Thankfully I also am privileged to have some really good doctors at this point in my life; however can't say it was always so. If your doctor tells you that you have Fibromyalgia you need to ask a few more questions... and make sure you are tested for everything under the sun that can give off the same symptoms before you just accept that as your final. A person with fibro usually has other diseases going on at the same time. Just careful and make sure you get the care you need and don't become another "fibro flub-up" of  another Dr. just trying to get you to leave him alone!