Saturday, April 16, 2011

Fibro F.O.R.D.

Oh yeah...If my body were a car.... I think it is a "Fix Or Repair Daily" model. Boy would I like to be able to trade it in for a newer model! But one day we will have a perfect body with no more sickness no more pain...what a great day that will be! If you have Fibro it does seem like you just get one problem taken care of and then something else in your old jalopy goes wrong! This is how it has been for me for quite awhile but this past year has really been the ride that has knocked the nuts and bolts out! But, as my doctors keep telling me....."we just have to keep taking care of each problem as they arise one by one".....and try to keep up the maintenance and keep this old jalopy on the road! dear Fibro F.O.R.D. friends....make sure to get your oil changes and tires rotated and such and keep on truckin' as long as you can!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Fibro Fruitfulness

If you are anything at all like me and you are suffering in silence from your Fibromyalgia but you no longer can do the things you used to, then you probably feel a bit useless! Maybe you in former days were very busy and productive and now you spend most of your days sitting or lying around with very little energy! I was thinking about this and as I have been adding more and more people to my friends list with Chronic illnesses I noticed that many of them have learned to find a new way to be "fruitful" or productive.  I need an I started make necklaces to promote Fibro awareness, some make bracelets, some paint, some draw, some write know what I found out? People who are sick are very fruitful! They become very creative! They learn to use their disability for something good. Now if only I could think of something for me to do......hmmm....... I guess I will just keep writing for now.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fibro Foolishness

I have dealt with the many symptoms that come with Fibromyalgia for many years, although it has taken my doctors a long time to come to the conclusion of this diagnosis. Of course there are numerous tests to rule out all of the other diseases that are similar and some overlap with Fibromyalgia. Through the years there have been many well meaning people offering up remedies and various treatments and so called cures. I have learned to be very skeptical toward most of them since I have tried many, to no avail! For the most part, they are money makers for someone! Be careful if someone is trying to sell you a cure for Fibromyalgia! There is not one! The research that has been done so far has not proven out any one theory and there are many as to the causes, and many as to what will help. Really, until the research is 100% sure of what it even is, and what causes it, then the cure is non- existent. So...just saying ,be careful; and don't waste your money trying to buy everything out there that claims to cure it! The best thing you can do for yourself is get plenty of rest, drink plenty of water, eat plenty of meat, fruits and veggies, and don't overdo on your good days or you will pay for it for the next few! Make sure you have a doctor who knows Fibromyalgia...and since it does affect the central nervous system, it makes sense to have a Neurologist....mine is great! Beware of the Fibro Foolishness!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fibro Forgetfulness

Fibro Forgetfulness is really a pain in the hump! This is not supposed to happen until you are sitting in your rocking chair knitting at age 70 or 80! Not at 51 when you finally have an empty nest and have a whole list of things you would love to be doing! An older person said to me the other day...well we all forget things every day...that is just part of getting old.....Not this! You don't understand...Fibro Fog is a big interrupter in your thinking process! I do not understand for the life of me why it is that I can seem to write things just fine but to speak...I forget words and cant seem to get through a conversation some if you are talking to me and I get distracted...forgive me. What I am finding helpful though is to live with post it notes....make sure I have a pen and paper everywhere I am because if I write it down right away then I can always go back and read it later. Make sure you have a calendar where you can see it and mark every appointment! I have already missed a couple accidentally...something I have never done in my life! Be careful when writing out checks...ha ha...I have to confess I was in a real fibro fog one day this week and wrote out a check that said nineteen hundred dollars instead of nineteen dollars!! Big mistake!! It was OK though....thankfully we caught it, but it made me realize how bad this fibro fog really is, and how much more careful I need to be. I make sure my pills, and my husband's pills, are in pill boxes with the days on them, and keep them separately so as not to mix them up...there are some simple things you can do to fight this fibro fog that has taken over your fibro body at a young age! It is not part of the aging process.... it is a disease process that is still a mystery. This is why so much more research is needed to figure out why so many people worldwide have this disease....what causes it and what can cure it? Right now there is no cure...there isn't even any meds that really even help that much...I am on a few myself so I can say...the help is minimal...people expect me to "feel better" just because I now have meds. Well...I am still waiting along with all of the other people with Fibromyalgia across the world! I am in pain right now while typing this. It never seems to be gone. If you know someone with Fibromyalgia, then be supportive of them and realize that they are  "Never" going to be better... there is not a is a disease that never leaves their body ...there may be days when they feel better than others but when you do not see them...they are Not having a good day. I hope you will all be having a good day today...I know we cannot take them for granted and we need to cherish the good ones!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fibro Flairs

Here's a few of the Fibro Flair Buttons I have collected in my boredom!! I guess I will share them with you since I got them from other friends in the first place! Enjoy...Try to have a good day!

Tip of the day....try to cut back on diet pop...the artificial sweeteners are terrible for fibro!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fibro Family

You REALLY are not alone....if you are out there with a Chronic illness. I am finding out even this week I have been so overwhelmed at how many people have this illness alone and so many more diseases..... The sad thing about it as I talk to so many , is the fact that family members are sometimes the ones who ignore the fact that their loved ones are even sick. Maybe out of their own denial or something...I am not quite sure what it is....I just know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE...that is why there are so many networks of Internet friends out there for the various diseases...Some of these groups can offer a lot of support...I have already met some really great people and feel as if I have known them my whole life.....perhaps its because we have so much in common and know what it is to be sick and feel alone in our sickness. I guess today what is really on my mind is to let you know that if you think that no one cares about you and you have no one to talk to about your illness that understands...please join up with a support group ....they can become like a family to you! I am thankful for my "Fibro Family"!