Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fibro Frustrations

Frustrations .....really? I can't even begin to list all of the many diseases that I have been told I have over the past twenty years...including Fibromyalgia! Now there are a couple more to add to my list which I won't say I definitely have yet since my doctors are still scratching their heads over my test results and consulting with each other! As I do more and more research I am overwhelmed and frustrated at the same time. No wonder my body hurts and I feel so stinkin' lousy!! I sure do hope they can figure this out quickly so I can start feeling more human and get on with the act of living a somewhat normal life again. I am supposed to be taking care of my husband who has a brain injury and is on about 15 meds and needs me....I just don't have the energy to even take care of this is urgent....they need to get on this ASAP! I am finding out though that many people with fibro suffer from multiple diseases...this is not so uncommon. As if Fibromyalgia is not enough! Yikes! The thought that this is as good as it gets and I am never ever going to feel any better than I do today is a real bummer! It will get worse as time goes on, the Dr. says......Oh joy! It will affect my organs one by is something fun to look forward to. Guess I had better enjoy this day with it's aches and pains and be thankful it is not any worse than it is today! One day at a time! God give me the grace and please pass the pain pills!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fibro Fluorescents

I noticed for years well before I was ever diagnosed with Fibro that walking around in a large shopping mall or a store where there are bright fluorescent lighting bothered me. I always seem to end up with a headache and feel a bit dizzy and really start feeling like I need to get out of there. Then I read somewhere that fluorescent lights actually do affect people with fibromyalgia in a negative way. The push is on to replace light bulbs in our homes with these energy efficient bulbs but even these can cause problems for people who have fibromyalgia. Natural sunlight coming through my windows is my solution during the daytime and I really try hard not to be under any fluorescent lighting for any length of time. If you haven't replaced your light bulbs in your home to the energy efficient fluorescent ones....I would say, don't. We did, however I am planning on going back to having regular light bulbs. I would rather pay more on my electric bill than feel dizzy and have frequent headaches.