Friday, November 18, 2011

That Time Again

Wow.. this month flew by so fast for me. My doctor visits are now one month apart and today I am due for another. I do not look forward to it as I was supposed to call or go to the Emergency Room in the case that my every day chronic pain decided to increase in intensity and it has but I just have had too much to do if you know what I mean. I do not want to spend my time waiting around an emergency department especially one in which the people on staff pretty much have no clue as to what Sarcoidosis is. They seem to think it is only in the lungs when I know from the way my whole entire body is responding that it is a system wide disease! Oh well I won't start my rantings and ravings about the lack of research and the antiquated literature out there floating around. I hope my afternoon is not a total waste of time as I sit once again in a clinic and try to explain my pain and explain that "no" I do not "feel" any better in spite of what their books tell them I should be feeling on the Prednisone.