Thursday, October 13, 2011


Here I am ... week six of the Prednisone and I have had two doc visits this week to evaluate how I am doing on this treatment for the Sarcoidosis in my lung and lymph nodes. As for the rest of my bod... who really knows what is going on? Anyway, I had a pulmonary function test and this actually was the best one I have had so far since April, and believe me... I have had plenty of them which ..I am not fond of. Anyway.. the Prednisone must be doing it's job since my lungs are clear for now and the coughing has pretty much slowed down, but of course I am no longer in the house that was built in 1912! I suppose that in itself has a bit to do with it. Lab work was done and the down side is that now that my lung is doing somewhat better, my liver and pancreas are actually worse than they were. Whether this is due to the meds or just due to my illness is another matter of research for the docs I guess, and as far as they are concerned I am going to be a constant visitor in their offices at least once a month for each specialist, if not more frequent than that. In the meantime, in order for me to start sleeping at night, my dosage has been changed and rearranged so now I need to readjust myself to this new arrangement of drug induced stupor for this week!