Saturday, September 24, 2011

Three Potatoe, Four!

This begins week four of the Prednisone treatments. How do I feel? Let me count the ways..... yuck.. yuck yuck....New symptoms seem to arise each new day .. one is a new batch of teenage style acne all over my fifty- one year old face... this is not cute! This is not amusing! This is just annoying! Along with this acne is a nice yellowish tint! I look sick now! Along with this my hair is beginning to fall out and the pain up under my right rib cage is intensifying so I would guess, the liver? Who knows.... but I have not been coughing so much since I have been sleeping in my new place. The air is a bit cleaner without animals in it. I am downright pooped to the max from packing, unpacking, organizing, decorating, and nailing and up and down a step stool constantly for the past week. I push myself because I cannot stand to live in a house with boxes everywhere so I unpack as I bring them in. Anyway... I am just sitting here ready to collapse after having spent the whole day packing more things at the old homestead to take back to the new one.  I will be very glad when I am all finished and can just lay down on my new bed and take a beauty rest for a whole day undisturbed!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Week Three...Lucky Me

It is now week number three for me on Prednisone. The coughing is the only thing that has improved. I guess I am thankful for that, however small an improvement it is. Otherwise, I am feeling pretty lousy overall. The lungs are aching with pretty much every breath and this causes an overall fatigue. Supposedly, the pred was going to also help with my chronic headaches but all I notice is that I have had one pretty constantly since beginning this.... so I guess that theory is for the birds. I am not sure if it is swollen lymph nodes choking me, or what?, but my broncial tube aches and feels weird... can't quite describe to you the feeling...but it isn't a pleasant one. A strange achiness under my ribcage is driving me nuts as well. I am trying to stay busy so I will not think on all of this but all I feel like doing is going back to bed and sleeping the day away....not good when I really need to get my rear in gear here and get so many things done. I am glad at least I can give my emotional strains to someone other than myself to carry ..... for today I just don't have the strength or energy to give a care... so, "Thank  you God for taking my cares upon you for one more day."