Sunday, April 17, 2011

Fibro Fighter

I don't take this as an insult. You see, I could always fight! I have always been feisty and stubborn and in the right circumstances that can be a good character trait! I had lots of practise fighting with my sister but I especially remember a time when I was in 5th grade and had to ride the school bus. There was this boy on the bus that didn't like me and was always saying rude comments to me. One day I decided I was not going to take it anymore! I had it all planned out. I waited until it was time for his stop and for him to walk past me to get off the bus at his house. I got up out of my seat and punched him as hard as I could right in the nose! The blood started pouring out of his nose...and the surprise on his face was something I will never forget! The bus driver didn't understand my actions for he hadn't heard or seen all of the insults and rudeness that I had endured day after day from this boy, so I had to sit up front from then on out. That boy never messed with me again! I approach this Fibromyalgia the same way you see. It is a rudeness in my life that bugs me day in and day out....but I have to let it know who is boss and let it know it is not going to get the best of ME! Fight like a girl! Feisty...Don't take it! You don't have to let it put you down and run you over! You have Fibromyalgia but It does not have YOU!